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Edtech and P.E.

Generally, one would think it would be a bad idea to combine technology with an elementary P.E. class. (I don't even like the idea of taking my smartphone on a run.) However, there are some practical ways to get a workout in for that much needed brain-break utilizing technology.

Mr. Starkel at Wayne Center Elementary is using Adventure to Fitness  for younger students and using Just Dance videos on Youtube (Here is a playlist I made) to get older elementary kids moving and active. I have found Adventure to Fitness very beneficial as it combines social studies and science concepts within the physical activities. It would not be surprising to find a video to match the content areas within the classroom. Adventure to Fitness has a lot of free content. I would recommend looking over the site yourself.

Last week I sent out a quick email to teachers about an app called "Tabata! Daily 4-Minute Workouts." This application is for iOS and was only free for a couple days. The app gives the user three different workout moves to perform. They perform the workouts a total of two times. This gives the user a total of 6 sets. As the user performs the tasks, the application also gives instructions on how to properly perform the workout. I was excited that several teachers took advantage of this opportunity as it is an app this is appropriate for all ages because being able to read fluently was not a prerequisite. 

Mrs. Owen's kindergarten class at Rome City Elementary loved the new app as they were able to watch the exercise on their iPod Touch and start the exercise when the sensei commanded it. What a great opportunity for students to have a break between learning opportunities!