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Blogger as a Teacher Website

This post will be dedicated toward preparing a teacher to utilize Blogger as their teacher website. The tutorials and content here greatly reflects the needs of the elementary teachers in East Noble School Corporation. However, some of the content might be useful as far as the directions on how to post, use the Blogger app, or creating shared folders. 

East Noble has used Edline as the primary method of teachers having not only an LMS, but a place to host teacher websites. Though Edline is a powerful product, we also found that it did not meet the needs of the elementary classroom very well. In fact, most products do not. What elementary teachers need is a place for them to quickly communicate what is happening within the walls of their classroom without spending hours deleting old content and uploading the new. A simple solution that I was able to come up with is Blogger

Any school that has an association with Google should have the ability to utilize their Blogger platform for teacher websites through their school accounts. Here is a sample of how Blogger can be utilized. 

Next year, East Noble will no longer be using Edline to host websites. All EN elementary teachers will need to move over to  Blogger. If you would like to move over before next year, feel free to follow these tutorials so that you can get started. 

Setting Up Your Blogger Account

Creating Posts

Creating Folders

Using the Blogger Application