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Ask3: Screencast and Collaborate

Ask3 is a product by Techsmith that I've known about for quite some time. In fact, when it first came out I quickly went on every classroom iTunes account and secured the download before it turned into a paid application. It has been over a year since the release of Ask3 and as it turns out, it is still free. :) Also, Techsmith even did an online interview with me last year about the use of Ask3 in East Noble School Corporation. That was an exciting opportunity for me as a tech coach to participate in the product development. 

Ask3 gives the teacher the opportunity to easily screencast instructional videos, distribute them to students effortlessly, and allow the students to respond and collaborate with text and video. In a sense, it becomes a video blog. It is a great opportunity for "flipping the classroom."

If you want to "flip the classroom" but your students do not take devices home, you can always create a 5-10 minute instructional video and have the students watch it in class as you work with small groups of students. This provides you with those precious minutes with your advanced or even struggling students to set their expectations for the activity and adjust the learning experience. 

Try it in one subject area. Use it for spelling instruction. Demonstrate a reading strategy by taking a picture of the mentor text. Take a picture of an example math problem and work it out. There are endless ways Ask3 can help make you more effective when differentiating instruction.

I have created numerous tutorials on how to utilize this app. Through all of my videos, I tried my best to prepare both the teacher and the student of what to expect from Ask3. If you have questions, please post them here so that all can view. 

Class Setup

Teacher Perspective and Setup

Managing Student Responses

Student Perspective and Setup