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Scribble Press: Elementary App Management

Scribble Press happens to be one of my favorite all-time applications for the iPad. Unfortunately, it is too robust to function on the iPod Touch. Two years ago, I came across this app when it was free. At the beginning of this year, the app turned up to be a paid app. In East Noble School Corporation, we had some trouble accessing the apps that we had downloaded when they were previously free through Airwatch (mobile device management tool). Due to many changes made in Airwatch, my teachers can once again have students utilize this tool.

Students can be extremely creative as they make their own digital books that can be shared among their entire class and read in iBooks or straight from Scribble Press. In order to export these text, an account has to be created. In the past, students had created their own accounts. However, the terms of service has changed and they no longer allow students under the age of 13 to have an account. I created this video to recommend a different way of managing the application by way of using one teacher account. That way students can create and export books and the school can remain compliant with COPPA.

Here is how I recommend managing the application:

I also made a tutorial on how to make books within Scribble Press. This one I made for Mrs. Gaines when she was teaching in East Noble. Even though I reference her class, the video will still work. Her second graders were able to follow it and had very few issues operating the application.