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Airwatch and iOS 7 Downloading Procedures

Airwatch is a powerful MDM (mobile device management) tool. With the most recent upgrade between Airwatch and iOS, there was an understanding that password boxes would disappear when attempting to download apps to a class set of devices.

After further investigation, I have found that this only works with apps that are already in the classroom accounts. So the desired application must already be in the account in order to push it out through Airwatch to all the devices without an Apple ID password box appearing.

The password box limits my ability to recommend new apps and distribute them in a timely manner. So here is the protocol that I have come up with in order streamline the process.

1. Download the desired app on a student device.
2. a. While the description of the app is open, click on the export button and email me the link to the app so that I know the name of the app and can find it on Airwatch. Please also specify the teacher name.
    b. If you would rather not have me take care of Airwatch for you, skip part "a" and log into Airwatch and download it to your devices.

If I email you about an app that is free for a short time, please follow the protocol:
1. Forward my email to a student iPad.
2. Open the link to the app on the student iPad.
3. Download the app.
4. Press the export button on the description.
5. Email me your class name and let me know you are ready.

I also made a video description if you would like to have the process in more detail: