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Holiday Poetry

Ms. Ruse and Ms. Doyle of Rome City got their class into the holiday spirit by having their first graders at Rome City Elementary create poems. Last week I setup accounts on Pic Collage for both teachers, logged each iPod into the accounts, and downloaded all the holiday themed backgrounds and stickers that were available for free this month. (I will explain the advantages of creating a class account in the near future.)

This week we took the poems they created in Pic Collage, and imported them into Shadow Puppet. (Shadow Puppet also has advantages to creating class accounts.) Each student not only titled their Shadow Puppet by their first name, but they also included a "selfie." This helped them quickly identify their work if they happened to forget to include their name in the title. (It also helps the teacher find it on their device.) This is a great way to share writing and work on their speaking skills.

Here is a fun example: