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First Grade Shadow Puppet and Kindergarten Story

The first graders at Rome City took a field trip to the Gingerbread Festival today! They were able to take pictures of gingerbread houses and were looking for patterns at the same time. As the first graders were on their trip, Ms. Ruse contacted me over email asking if we could come up with a project on Shadow Puppets to talk about the patterns they saw while on their trip. Here is a small sample of what they created.

Using Shadow Puppets is easy. However, we have run into a few issues with it. For example, by having all students signed into the same account, I didn't realize that when a student created a video that it would go to the entire class set of iPods. That was quite a surprise last week. Instead of dismissing it, we trained the students to make sure that they always put their first name in the title and that it was vitally important that they did not change or delete another student's video. This is going to take some practice and quite a few reminders. 

Ms. Doyle of Rome City did use this feature for good this week. She was able to make a math instructional video by taking pictures and explaining how to solve the problem. Once she uploaded it to Shadow Puppet, it was all the students' devices! Thanks Ms. Doyle for making good use of that feature!


Today, I also worked with Mrs. Cole's Kindergarten. we continued our work with Story, but this time discussing action words. I started by helping them import a few pictures and adding text. After that, I cut them loose and let them continue the process by themselves. In the period of time, a large chunk of the students were able to independently put in pictures and text for all the action words I gave them. Here are a couple of examples: (Please remember that it does not play using Google Chrome.) 

 (This student figured out how to add music by himself.)