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Snag-It Personified

I'm very excited for the potential that Snag-It will provide for our PC users at Wayne Center and Rome City. Techsmith provides some really good quality products for both the business realm as well as for education. My teachers will find this especially useful since many websites and resources restrict student access under the age of 13. Since this program runs directly on their laptops, this is not an issue.

For those of you that are unfamiliar, Snag-it is a full featured photo editor, annotator, and screen-casting tool. The video portion would have to be edited by an outside resource, but Techsmith offers a good quality option through Camtasia.

This week, I worked with Mrs. Ortiz's sixth graders to install the program and get students oriented with some of the basics. Students learned how to snag pictures from the internet, combine and edit pictures, and annotate them all from Snag-It. One of the skills that Mrs. Ortiz is currently covering is Personification. So I came up with the idea that students could snag pictures and combine them so that it makes a new image of taking the example of personification literally.

I thought it worked out pretty well considering the amount of features in Snag-It can sometimes be overwhelming and it was the first time they every used it. Here are some samples:

The pen flew across the page!

My watch told me the time.

The tree danced in the wind.

I can hear the wind singing a mournful song in my ear.