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Pic Collage is a Great Place to Start

I know Pic Collage is an application that I've probably overused, but it is such a great place to start due to the flexibility of the app. Yesterday I worked with Mrs. Bollman's class on Pic Collage because it is a great place for teachers to go when they need students to create a quick product or even a larger project. She gave me a list of skills that they have covered recently and needed to review. So I chose to discuss plural vs. possessive nouns. I collected a few pictures for the students and emailed them out instead of having theme use the web search feature built into Pic Collage. Mainly due to time constraints for the students and they needed images for both a plural and a possesive noun. The students saved the images from their email, inserted them into Pic Collage, and wrote a sentence using the noun as plural and possessive. Here are some examples of what was accomplished. We had a great time.