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Kindergarten and First Grade Fun

I love working with primary grades. Everything is so exciting; everything is new. Today I worked with Kindergarten and first grade students at Rome City on different projects. We've made really good progress with using technology.

Kindergarten has been working on using Pic Collage for several weeks. I've been meeting with them once a week to get them well oriented with the app and also sending their work through an email. (Still at this point, email is the best avenue for collecting work from iOS devices on the ENSC network.) Today I put together a slideshow with multiple pictures and set it on autoplay. As the slides rolled through, the students had to find the words that started with A. They used Pic Collage to take a picture of the items, place a letter A on the item, and typed their name on it. (I used beginning sounds because most of the majority of students are able to do this skill, but may need practice from time to time because I'm primarily focusing on them getting the technology skills.) We then went through the steps to email the work to myself through Pic Collage. We are getting close to independence!



With first grade, we are continuing practice on They are now using Kidblog to share their knowledge about the main idea of books. Students were able to identify the main idea of a book and post it on Kidblog so that families can see what skills and activities the students are accomplishing in class. Ms. Ruse envisions her blog to be a great communication tool for students and families. I'm excited to see the benefits. It can really open the doors for solidifying skills between school and home. Next week, we plan on having the students perform the same task, but they will learn how to insert a picture of their book into the blog. Our time was too limited today to accomplish that task. 




  1. The demographics and background of the children attending this facility is a good mix (something i was very particular about seeing as how my son is of mixed race).
    Phoenix kindergarten


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