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Google Forms Ideas

I have provided a few professional development opportunities on Google Forms and the possibilities it holds for your classroom. I think the real key is that you start small and pick one area where you want to apply this tool. I've been brainstorming various ideas and I think by posting them here teachers can get a good feel of ways to get started. Feel free to input data yourself.

In this example, I found a passage and took a picture of it online. I then uploaded the picture and added some multiple choice questions to the form. This example was actually used with a first grade classroom as of this morning on their iPod Touch. I sent it through email and most of the students were able to successfully click on the link, read the passage, and submit their answers independently.

Here is one I came up with just to save time. It is just an attendance and lunch check and can be cleared out each day. This could be a part of their daily routine. The info is automatically tallied as it is collected. What other daily occurrences could you use Google Forms to collect data?

Here is one that I thought would work well just for organizational purposes as well. I always needed an easy way to track where all my books were going when I taught fourth grade. Sure there are some apps out there that allow you to scan books and keep the data stored. However, you have to input your entire book collection. If you have a book collection as large as mine, this could take quite a bit of your summer vacation!