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Color Words

Last week I posted about using Story by Disney with second grade students to create an adjective book. This week I began using Story with Kindergarten students at Rome City Elementary. After taking a look at the Kindergarten scope and sequence chart for East Noble School Corporation, I saw that color words was being covered for this week. So to help support their learning and introduce this new app, all the students created a Story on their own iPod while I demonstrated on my iPad.

To start the procedure, I sent the students images of foods the match the color words through email. (The students especially found the eggplant to be humorous for the color purple.) The students downloaded the images onto their iPod touch and we moved on to the Story app. I went through the first few steps to show them what to expect because Kindergarten kids tend to panic with their device if something is not familiar. By the time we were finished, they had imported all the pictures, added the text for each color, and even learned how to move pictures and text around the app. The last few images, they did independently minus the spelling of the words. I had the spelling of orange and purple posted.

Here is a student example. Unfortunately the iPod's auto-correct changed his name. (His name is not Fears.) I love the product of Story. I hope in the future to have the students independently utilizing this app to share their knowledge. (This example does not work through Chrome as of the date of this post.)