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Two scenarios have popped up that need addressed in regards to Airwatch: What to do about paid apps, and what to do when you lose a student.

As most ENSC teachers know, Airwatch has not been allowing teachers to install apps that were once free, but are now paid even though the applications are in their iTunes accounts. You can download them through the App Store by using the "purchased" tab. However, Airwatch will not control them. You will need to make sure you delete those apps when turning in a device to your media specialist.

To follow that up, there is also a procedure that needs to be taken when you lose a student so that we do not have a mess of mixing up accounts. You need to check-in the device through Airwatch, delete any of the paid apps that you put on through the method in the previous document, and sign out of iTunes. This will alleviate a lot of confusion in the future.