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Infuse Learning is a website that I had actually blogged about a year or so ago. I didn't post very much about it other than make a reference to it. After revisiting the site a bit more over the last few days, I decided a much more detailed description is needed.

Infuse Learning is an interactive assessment tool. All students can participate with their own devices. It even possesses some capabilities for your interactive whiteboard or tablet computer on a screen. You can ask questions orally and have students respond a multitude of ways. (My personal favorite is the drawing response.) Once the activity is over, you are also able to download any responses the students give. If it is a drawn response, the file comes as a PDF so that you can see the responses for later viewing. If it is true/false, multiple choice, or even a written response, the download comes as an excel file.

I created several videos on how to use this tool. However, I'm always willing to come and work with teachers if they would prefer that I either show them or their class how to participate in Infuse Learning.

How to have students connect to Infuse Learning:

How to use Infuse Learning in the midst of a lesson (Quick Assessment):

How to use Infuse Learning with your interactive whiteboard or tablet computer:

How to use Infuse Learning as an assessment tool to collect student data: