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Crayola Photo Mix and Mash

Crayola Photo Mix and Mash is an easy to use photo editor. Students can use it to crop pictures, add color, and texture to images. It also provides opportunities for students to create a collage of pictures with text and a few free stickers. In many ways, Crayola Photo Mix and Mash reminds me of Pic Collage. You can perform many of the same tasks, but the unfortunate part is that this is only for the iPad. based upon the number of features available, I would assume that it is too robust for the size of an iPod touch or iPhone.

How to Use Crayola Photo Mix and Mash

What does this mean for the elementary classroom? Teachers can really utilize this app for almost any purpose. In math, students could take pictures of the manipulatives they used to solve a problem and explain the steps with text. They could also use the free stickers as the manipulatives. In science, students could take pictures of the scientific method they used as they performed an experiment. Having all the pictures and the text on one sheet so that they can revisit the events that occurred. In reading, students could take pictures of sections of the text and write about a reading strategy they used. The canvas is large enough that they could fit quite a bit of text on it. For writing, it could essentially be a publishing tool as they can insert images and crop them with an ample amount of text. They could save the pictures to their camera roll and send each page in one email. There are also apps that work well for combining pictures to make a PDF file.

How do you envision using this app in the classroom?