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Crayola Photo Mix and Mash

Crayola Photo Mix and Mash  is an easy to use photo editor. Students can use it to crop pictures, add color, and texture to images. It also provides opportunities for students to create a collage of pictures with text and a few free stickers. In many ways, Crayola Photo Mix and Mash reminds me of Pic Collage . You can perform many of the same tasks, but the unfortunate part is that this is only for the iPad. based upon the number of features available, I would assume that it is too robust for the size of an iPod touch or iPhone. How to Use Crayola Photo Mix and Mash What does this mean for the elementary classroom?  Teachers can really utilize this app for almost any purpose. In math, students could take pictures of the manipulatives they used to solve a problem and explain the steps with text. They could also use the free stickers as the manipulatives. In science, students could take pictures of the scientific method they used as they performed an experiment. Having all t

Infuse Learning  is a website that I had actually blogged about a year or so ago. I didn't post very much about it other than make a reference to it. After revisiting the site a bit more over the last few days, I decided a much more detailed description is needed. Infuse Learning is an interactive assessment tool. All students can participate with their own devices. It even possesses some capabilities for your interactive whiteboard or tablet computer on a screen. You can ask questions orally and have students respond a multitude of ways. (My personal favorite is the drawing response.) Once the activity is over, you are also able to download any responses the students give. If it is a drawn response, the file comes as a PDF so that you can see the responses for later viewing. If it is true/false, multiple choice, or even a written response, the download comes as an excel file. I created several videos on how to use this tool. However, I'm always willing to com

Shadow Puppet

Shadow Puppet  provides students and teachers with some great opportunities. With Shadow Puppet, students can take pictures and create a picture slideshow with their voice recorded over the images. There have been several apps that perform similar tasks that I have reported about in the past. ( 30 Hands and Videolicious.) However, the controls on this app are a little more intuitive. The other thing I like about it: the product is stored in the cloud. Much like StoryKit and Story , a link to the actual product can be found online and viewed in that location. So the length of the recording is less of an issue because you are not sending a large file over email or to a blog. In order to use Shadow Puppet, each teacher will need to do the following: Open the app and create an account. Sign each iPad/iPod into the account. Make sure all parents have signed consent for you to use it. (This step is already taken care of at registration for ENSC employees.)  So how is this app usa

iOS 7 Update

We are several weeks out on the iOS7 update now. There are still a few apps here and there that I notice are not iOS7 compliant yet. One in particular that could cause many issues is the Trading Cards app . This happens to be one of my favorites for students to use due to the wide range of uses and simplicity. Hopefully an update is in the "cards" soon. If Trading Cards is an app that you use on a regular basis, I would recommend holding off on the update if possible. I created a video that shows some of the differences between iOS7 and the previous version. I hope that you and your students find it to be helpful in the transition.

More Airwatch Resources

Two scenarios have popped up that need addressed in regards to Airwatch: What to do about paid apps, and what to do when you lose a student. As most ENSC teachers know, Airwatch has not been allowing teachers to install apps that were once free, but are now paid even though the applications are in their iTunes accounts. You can download them through the App Store by using the "purchased" tab. However, Airwatch will not control them. You will need to make sure you delete those apps when turning in a device to your media specialist. Link to the Document To follow that up, there is also a procedure that needs to be taken when you lose a student so that we do not have a mess of mixing up accounts. You need to check-in the device through Airwatch, delete any of the paid apps that you put on through the method in the previous document, and sign out of iTunes. This will alleviate a lot of confusion in the future. Link to Document

Airwatch Documents

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work with teachers on how to navigate/operate Airwatch. For the most part it was a success because every teacher that attended was able to add apps using Airwatch. Upon further discussion, the request was made that I also include documentation on top of the videos I had created earlier. Here they will be posted among all my other Airwatch posts. You can also find these documents through the link in the above line titled "iOS Resources." There is a folder that has "Teacher Resources" and an "Airwatch" folder will be there. You can always access the documents from there. Please let me know if anything changes and I will update these resources so that they remain accurate. For now, I will embed them in this post so that you can view them from here: