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Tumblebook Map

Tumblebooks  happens to be one of the best resources East Noble School Corporation can use for our teachers when implementing Daily 5 Literacy. The "Listen to Read" component is a tough one to fill at times. Fortunately, this has been provided for ENSC through our local library.

Even though Tumblebooks is an amazing resource for students to listen to quality literature being read aloud, they frequently change their website. This may not seem like a big deal, but to a Kindergarten student these little issues can be a big deal.

Through Airwatch, I was able to create a link on all the students' iPods/iPads for Tumblebooks. I also created a PDF file with a map on how to get to Tumblebooks. I had created one similar to this previously, but due to the changes on their site an updated one was in order.

ENSC teachers, please let me know if Tumblebooks changes their site again so that I can create an updated Tumblebook map.

Click on the Image to View Tumblebook Map