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Fetch! Lunch Rush

As I was meeting this morning with a Kindergarten teacher, she shared some of the needs of her students and integrating technology. Most of it was focused upon letter sounds. However, through my search of resources I came across this app: Fetch! Lunch Rush. It features Ruff Ruffman from PBS and he gives the user the job of serving sushi to guests. The user has to figure out how much sushi to provide for each order.

At first sight, I was not sure exactly what the point of the app was. You had to print these cards out that had odd shapes first. Once I got into the game and held my iPad over the card, I realized that this mathematics activity was really a type of augmented reality game because the sushi rolls actually appeared on the card. The idea is that the student uses the images of sushi rolls to determine the solution to the equation.What I love about the activity is the engagement involved when practicing solution sentences for numbers ten and under. It touches on basic addition, subtraction, and algebraic thinking.

I had my daughter try this activity as soon as I got home. You are viewing her activity on her second time ever playing it. She loved the fact that she could actually see the objects on the cards and use them as tools to determine the solution to the number equation. The video shows her attempting to use algebraic thinking, which provided a much greater challenge. The first time she played, all her equations were basic addition. Even though she knew the answers, she still wanted to take the time to check and make sure she was correct. 

My daughter will now show everyone how to use Fetch! Lunch Rush. She entered first grade this year.