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Airwatch - Connecting Email

One of the big questions that has been asked is how to get the students' ENSC email account to work on Airwatch. Frequently the password box has been popping up for students.

For Example: 

Part of the reason for this is because the tech department is working hard to make sure that the email accounts are working properly. This comes mainly through communication from you as staff as well as myself with them so that they are aware of any issues that arise. When those changes are made, it removes the email password from the devices.

After communicating with our network administrator, he believe he has all issues worked out. So ENSC teachers keep trying to get your student email to work.

As always, please communicate with me if you need help with this process. I am more than willing to work with you and your students to get this resolved.

I also have a presentation that demonstrates how to fix the "Password Incorrect" box that keeps appearing.