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I presented on the SAMR model on the 27th to the Wayne Center Elementary staff. I hope to be able to pass this presentation on to the Rome City staff in the future. It was a great opportunity to discuss and analyze the tools that are being implemented through iPods, iPads, and PC laptops. To summarize SAMR, it is a model by which one can measure how integrating technology may impact teaching and learning. Through the SAMR model, we can determine if we are using technology to enhance the learning experience or to transform it. If the user is at the substitution level, then the tool is a direct substitute for the old technology. If the user is at the augmentation level, the tool is still a substitute but it has a functional improvement from the original task. These two levels may provide the user with an enhancement in their learning. The big dividing line is between Augmentation and Modification because suddenly the tool is much more than an enhancement to learning; it is no

New Student Pack (Updated)

Last year I had a teacher request a document that would share all the information you need to know when receiving a new student. I spent a lot of hours putting together slides that would create this document, but with the implementation of Airwatch, it needed an update. I created the slides using an iPod touch; I apologize to our iPad users. However, it is much easier to follow on an iPad  looking at iPod pictures than flipped the other way around. It also has a table of contents page that is linked to other areas. Some of those links include how to add someone to your Big Universe and Edmodo account, numbered backgrounds, and Overdrive. If you have any other suggestions of topics that may need to be added to the document, please let me know. To access the document, you can click the image above or here. 

Tumblebook Map

Tumblebooks   happens to be one of the best resources East Noble School Corporation can use for our teachers when implementing Daily 5 Literacy. The "Listen to Read" component is a tough one to fill at times. Fortunately, this has been provided for ENSC through our local library. Even though Tumblebooks is an amazing resource for students to listen to quality literature being read aloud, they frequently change their website. This may not seem like a big deal, but to a Kindergarten student these little issues can be a big deal. Through Airwatch, I was able to create a link on all the students' iPods/iPads for Tumblebooks. I also created a PDF file with a map on how to get to Tumblebooks. I had created one similar to this previously, but due to the changes on their site an updated one was in order. ENSC teachers, please let me know if Tumblebooks changes their site again so that I can create an updated Tumblebook map. Click on the Image to View Tumblebook Map

Airwatch - Adding Apps Pt. 2

ENSC Teachers, This is the second video I have made on how to add applications using Airwatch. (I hope that I do not have to make too many more.) As it turns out, the weekend after I made the first video  I found that it was no longer accurate. There were a few steps that had to be substituted. I will for sure keep you posted if more changes are made. Please let me know if you have questions, and let me know if you notice that the process has changed again. :) Sign in to Airwatch through:

Fetch! Lunch Rush

As I was meeting this morning with a Kindergarten teacher, she shared some of the needs of her students and integrating technology. Most of it was focused upon letter sounds. However, through my search of resources I came across this app: Fetch! Lunch Rush . It features Ruff Ruffman from PBS and he gives the user the job of serving sushi to guests. The user has to figure out how much sushi to provide for each order. At first sight, I was not sure exactly what the point of the app was. You had to print these cards out that had odd shapes first.  Once I got into the game and held my iPad over the card, I realized that this mathematics activity was really a type of augmented reality game because the sushi rolls actually appeared on the card. The idea is that the student uses the images of sushi rolls to determine the solution to the equation.What I love about the activity is the engagement involved when practicing solution sentences for numbers ten and under. It touches on basic a

Airwatch - Connecting Email

One of the big questions that has been asked is how to get the students' ENSC email account to work on Airwatch. Frequently the password box has been popping up for students. For Example:  Part of the reason for this is because the tech department is working hard to make sure that the email accounts are working properly. This comes mainly through communication from you as staff as well as myself with them so that they are aware of any issues that arise. When those changes are made, it removes the email password from the devices. After communicating with our network administrator, he believe he has all issues worked out. So ENSC teachers keep trying to get your student email to work. As always, please communicate with me if you need help with this process. I am more than willing to work with you and your students to get this resolved. I also have a presentation that demonstrates how to fix the "Password Incorrect" box that keeps appearing.

Airwatch - Missing Apps?

Have an iPad missing apps through Airwatch? Here are some steps you can take to make sure that your students have the apps that belong on their iOS devices. These steps do not always work depending upon how the device is communicating with the network. However, these are the steps that I have been taking when a teacher reports that there are applications missing. I also apologize for some of the obscure clicking that I did during this presentation. Due to the nature of personal information being displayed publicly, I needed to use blurring effects or zoom on specific parts that will inhibit the audience's ability to view student names.

Airwatch - Webclips

Airwatch provides a handy way for teachers to send out websites to iOS devices. What is especially nice, is that it automatically appears on a student's device appearing to be an app. You also have the ability to upload your own icon. You may want to have your own image ready to go to match the website you want your students to use. Lastly, you can set a time limit to your webclip. If you want it to disappear after a few days, you simply do that through the use of a calendar on Airwatch. I created some directions on how to make a webclip. East Noble teachers can log in at

Adding Apps Using Airwatch

The time is finally here! East Noble teachers will now be able to add applications to their iPods/iPads using Airwatch. Airwatch is a device management tool for mobile devices. iPods/iPads are just a few among many different devices that can be managed with this tool. I have created a quick video on how to add an application. Feel free to try it yourself. I will be happy to assist you through this process and plan on providing training in the future. For my anxious teachers, this one is for you.