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I'm very excited to be launching my new resource site for elementary teachers wanting to utilize digital tools in the classroom. This blog is primarily maintained for the purpose of keeping the teachers of Rome City Elementary and Wayne Center Elementary  informed about digital resources that are available for teachers as well as students. I focus primarily upon tools available on the iPod touch, iPad, and PC laptop.

There are many posts previous to this one due to a blog that I maintained for the last two years. This school year my job has changed somewhat and I am now focused upon two buildings in my school district instead of five. That caused the desire provide a resource specifically for these teachers to collaborate.

I have just recently worked on collecting materials to help teachers launch high expectations with how the devices should be treated and utilized. These resources will be linked at the top of the page. My calendar is also linked there so that teachers are able to see when I am available to best meet there needs.

Notice the calendar as well as digital citizenship resources labeled at the top.

Lastly, to best utilize this blog, you can use the search tool as well as any labels that I have created to posts. I'm still in the process of cleaning up the site a bit because I transferred it from Wordpress to Blogger. However, soon all links, pictures, and videos will be up to date. I apologize if information seems to be missing at the moment. 

As I am getting teachers going through the school year, I hope to be posting about specific resources and learning experiences that have taken place. I hope through this blog the teachers of East Noble School Corporation as well as any guests will benefit and find value in what is posted. 

Please, feel free to share comments to make this site a learning community.