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This year, I will be spending quite a bit of time discussing the need to think about the technologies we actually choose to use in our classroom. As all educators know, if we were to try and grasp every digital resource/tool that was available to us, it would be like drinking out of a fire hose.

At KTT 3.0, Becca Lamon and myself held separate sessions on the subject. I spend a lot of time discussing how it can transform your classroom and how the students perceive the device when the tasks that are being accomplished are beyond what they could possibly do without that piece of technology.

Matt Miller posted about his experience in Becca Lamon's session. He gave the SAMR model (a method of measuring a digital tool's usefulness) a great explanation. I invite you to read his post on it by clicking on the image below.



  1. Here is another good link to look at in regards to SAMR.


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