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Little Digital Citizens

Mr. Noble and Zack
I've spent a lot of time this week focusing on the topic of digital citizenship. The teachers of Rome City and Wayne Center are working hard to establish strong procedures and high expectations for our students. I have primarily been working with kindergarten, first and second grades to work on how to treat their device as well as the importance of following directions. Next week, the story will stay the same. However, I will be working with some fifth and sixth grade students to discuss how to save files to our new SkyDrive Pro accounts so that our students under the age of 13 can legally have cloud storage that is managed by our network administrator. I will also be assisting them on how to identify malware and why it is vital that they are careful with what they download.

(I'm not promoting Trend Micro. It is just a really good explanation.)

Ms. Doyle's First Grade
I believe it is vitally important to the success of your 1:1 Technology program to establish these procedures at an early age. I have frequently been known to compare it to the idea of using a pencil. We instruct students how to use a pencil and have expectations for how it should be treated. If we can get the expectation across at the elementary level, the future of the internet will be a better place.

Don't forget to check out my list of digital citizenship resources that is linked at the top of this page. Please feel free to pass any other good resources my way.