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I will be the first to admit that iProjection is not exactly what I'd like to see come from Epson for wireless connection between an iPad and an LCD projector. However, it does provide some opportunities for the teachers that I am helping. All of my teachers have Epson projectors that work with the school network, and and a good majority have iPads. I apologize to my staff members that do not have one. I'm sure that if you begged one of your staff members, you could get them to let you try it out.

iProjection allows the teacher to take a photo of a document, project it wirelessly, and annotate it at the same time. I've always said that when teaching with technology, proximity is a big issue. Teachers need to be able to be mobile and attend to the entire class. Not only that, but I'm sure the students would love to be able to answer a question when you plop your iPad right in front of them. The drawback: it does not mirror your iPad. You are limited on what you can actually project.

I was recently working with Mrs. Abbee at Wayne Center Elementary on iProjection. In order to help with the transition of punching the IP address when trying to connect, she had the entire class read the IP address aloud. Great idea, Mrs. Abbee! We are always looking for good ideas when it comes to managing the classroom and integrating technology.

I will be providing training in the future when using this app, or you can also just ask me directly. For now, I did create a video on how to connect using the app for those that do not like to wait. :)