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I will be the first to admit that iProjection is not exactly what I'd like to see come from Epson for wireless connection between an iPad and an LCD projector. However, it does provide some opportunities for the teachers that I am helping. All of my teachers have Epson projectors that work with the school network, and and a good majority have iPads. I apologize to my staff members that do not have one. I'm sure that if you begged one of your staff members, you could get them to let you try it out. iProjection allows the teacher to take a photo of a document, project it wirelessly, and annotate it at the same time. I've always said that when teaching with technology, proximity is a big issue. Teachers need to be able to be mobile and attend to the entire class. Not only that, but I'm sure the students would love to be able to answer a question when you plop your iPad right in front of them. The drawback: it does not mirror your iPad. You are limited on what you can ac

Little Digital Citizens

Mr. Noble and Zack I've spent a lot of time this week focusing on the topic of digital citizenship . The teachers of Rome City and Wayne Center are working hard to establish strong procedures and high expectations for our students. I have primarily been working with kindergarten, first and second grades to work on how to treat their device as well as the importance of following directions. Next week, the story will stay the same. However, I will be working with some fifth and sixth grade students to discuss how to save files to our new SkyDrive Pro accounts so that our students under the age of 13 can legally have cloud storage that is managed by our network administrator. I will also be assisting them on how to identify malware and why it is vital that they are careful with what they download. (I'm not promoting Trend Micro. It is just a really good explanation.) Ms. Doyle's First Grade I believe it is vitally important to the success of your 1:1 Technology


This year, I will be spending quite a bit of time discussing the need to think about the technologies we actually choose to use in our classroom. As all educators know, if we were to try and grasp every digital resource/tool that was available to us, it would be like drinking out of a fire hose. At KTT 3.0 , Becca Lamon and myself held separate sessions on the subject. I spend a lot of time discussing how it can transform your classroom and how the students perceive the device when the tasks that are being accomplished are beyond what they could possibly do without that piece of technology. Matt Miller posted about his experience in Becca Lamon's session. He gave the SAMR model (a method of measuring a digital tool's usefulness) a great explanation. I invite you to read his post on it by clicking on the image below. SAMR

Welcome to

I'm very excited to be launching my new resource site for elementary teachers wanting to utilize digital tools in the classroom. This blog is primarily maintained for the purpose of keeping the teachers of Rome City Elementary and Wayne Center Elementary   informed about digital resources that are available for teachers as well as students. I focus primarily upon tools available on the iPod touch, iPad, and PC laptop. There are many posts previous to this one due to a blog that I maintained  for the last two years. This school year my job has changed somewhat and I am now focused upon two buildings in my school district instead of five. That caused the desire provide a resource specifically for these teachers to collaborate. I have just recently worked on collecting materials to help teachers launch high expectations with how the devices should be treated and utilized. These resources will be linked at the top of the page. My calendar is also linked there so that teachers ar