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#ISTE 2013: San Antonio

ISTE 2013 was awesome. We were able to make connections with many people that we interact with regularly, but only through the digital realm. That is always exciting when you have the opportunity to discuss and collaborate with the people that already make great products for your students to use. I also believe that what makes their services so great is their willingness to listen and discuss the needs of teachers and students. BigUniverse There was a lot of discussion at ISTE about PBL (project-based learning). One particular great resource was a session held by Andrew Miller . During that session, he spoke about how technology can play as the role for distributing the materials and content when giving the students a central question for students to pursue. Repeatedly he mentions the importance for students to have "voice and choice" when providing students with the opportunity to participate in PBL. Students should decide what they want to use

Free Technology for Teachers: GeoSettr - Create a Street View GeographyGame

Free Technology for Teachers: GeoSettr - Create a Street View Geography Game . Richard Byrne recently posted about GeoSettr . This is a fun activity to get students familiarized with different parts of the world. It takes pictures from Google Streetview and you have to guess the location on the map of the world. It is good from a science perspective as well because you have to look at the weather, types of trees, and various landforms. These clues allow you to make an educated guess of the location on the map. You receive points based upon your answer. The closer to the actual location, the more points you receive. Once you are finished, you can send the link to someone else through email. This allows you to compare results to see who was most accurate. For those of you that are Edmodo users, your students could post the link of their challenge directly on the message board on Edmodo. This would allow anyone in the class to meet the challenge. via Free Technology for Teachers