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Pic Share

Pic Share is an easy-to-use application that really only serves one purpose: to send more than five pictures at a time from your iPad. This would be handy for teachers that would like to provide students with a collection of pictures to use for a project instead of having the students trounce around the internet looking for images. One reason this should be a concern is because of the fact that we still need to provide some level of protection for our students. If we allow them to just go on their own, it will increase the possibility of them coming across materials that are not appropriate to their young eyes. Yes, I know we have to educate them to use the internet wisely. However, primary elementary students are still pretty innocent. It is my belief that they would have a hard time making the best decision when placed in that type of position. The second reason that it is a concern is whether or not the images are legal. We do need to teach students at an early age that even though they are available to view for free, that does not mean that they are available for the taking.

My suggestion is that you compile pictures yourself. You can either take the pictures yourself, or you can gather them from a royalty free website like Morgue File. Another option would be to use the Flickr application, but that may only be of use to you if you are at home. Many school districts block Flickr (including mine).

On another note, I am not for certain how many images you can actually send. I was able to send sixteen when I made this video. That's a pretty nice sized collection for primary elementary students in one email so that the students do not have to go searching through multiple emails.