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Mrs. Sims' Field Trip to the Zoo

Zack recently posted about the field trip project that Mrs. Millus' class was able to complete earlier this week. I was able to follow up with Mrs. Sims today to go a little further into the project. This time we had students create a title page with their name, add five photos, and add a fact that they know about each animal.

I took roughly ten minutes to orient them through the app. I taught them how to start a new Story, edit the title page, insert photos, and insert more text boxes. Along with that, I also had to teach them how to move pictures or text boxes that may seem out of place. The students quickly caught on surprisingly well since this is the first time that they have ever used the application. If you are uncertain of how to do all those steps, I do have a video that will help orient you with the application. 

One downfall of this application is that we had to type in the teacher's entire email address. Typically when students email work to their teacher, they can just start the beginning part of the email address and it pops up for them so they do not have to finish it. For some reason, it is not accessing the contacts list from our school district. (This might be an issue that is only exclusive to East Noble School Corporation.) I think what will need to happen is to actually add the teacher's email address to their contact list manually if this is going to be an app the kids will use on a regular basis.

Here are the results:

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