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Mobile Technologies in the Medical Field

Matt Rickey, high school teacher, recently brought this doctor to my attention. His name is Eric Topol, and he's looking to revolutionize the technologies that are used in the medical field. Here he shares a number of them that he relies upon on a daily basis in this video.

I really don't know very much about this doctor other than what I have seen from a few interviews on Youtube. So as far as his stance on medicine or how hospitals are operated, I cannot comment.

My reasoning for sharing this is the direction of which the medical realm is moving. All these devices are somehow related to the idea of them being mobile. It provides a convenient way for him to monitor patients, and what he believes to be more efficient as a doctor. Notice that he does not say anything about knowing how to play Angry Birds or Clay Jam. He sees the devices as an essential tool for his work.

Mobile technologies are today. Mobile technologies are also in the future. This is why it is essential that students are familiar with using mobile technologies on a level that shows the potential as a tool for learning.