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Google Drive for ENSC

Last year, Zack and I tried to promote Google Drive heavily due to the collaborative nature of it. In fact, since then I know of teachers that have made entire presentations without meeting face to face. This is a huge time saving tool for those of you that have a tight schedule that does not always allow you to come extra early before or extra late after school.

We did run into a speedbump. Most East Noble teachers will remember it being a little bit of a mess because we could not use our East Noble School Corporation email addresses to create Google Drive accounts. Many teachers had started, but it was put to a pause as Google noticed an abundance of users signing up with email addresses ending in So the solution was to use personal gmail accounts. That temporary fix also came to be a problem since you had to know the email address of others within the district to share documents. This was not that tempting since it was taking extra steps to accomplish the task.

This issue has now been resolved. Our network administrator, Rick Williams,  has provided every teacher with a Google Drive account. However, gaining access to it is a little different than the traditional method with a gmail address. If you are an East Noble employee and are interested in using Google Drive, I put together a video on how to gain access to Google Drive through your East Noble email address.

Like I was saying earlier, Google drive possesses some powerful opportunities to collaborate with your peers when you are on a tight schedule. Zack and I share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets all from our Google Drive accounts. This allows us to work in any of the buildings without the extra drive to meet in one place. We frequently use the chat feature along the side if we need to communicate about something specific within the document without writing on it. You as a teacher can use it to collect data, write lesson plans, or work on a presentation that you may need to do for the school board.

When I first started being a peer coach, I had never used Google Drive. The best way to learn it is to just fiddle around with it yourself. Start with making a document, presentation, and a spreadsheet. Then try to make folders. See if you can organize your files. Then try to share a document with someone else. If you don't know who to share with, go ahead and share with with me. It isn't going to take up space because anything created in Google Drive does not count against the five gigabytes they give you for free. If you get lost, they even have a nice "help" feature that can be found in the following picture:

drive picture

If you are not the type that would rather learn it yourself, I came across a set of videos that will orient you with how to use Google Drive. This gentleman goes through the basics in a slow, step-by-step manner. Best part is, if you miss something, you can pause, go back, and rewatch it.



Sharing Files and Folders

Document Organization