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First Grade Plural Nouns Using Pic Collage

Mrs. Abbs and Mrs. Yoder sent me a cool idea today. Their students showed plural nouns using Pic Collage. They had them take pictures of the singular form and the plural form of the noun. The students added the actual words to the collage. This activity looks like a whole lot more fun than what I did to learn plural nouns when I was in school. I can't remember that far back, but my guess was that involved a pencil and workbook. :)

Next Abbs and Yoder plan on having them do the same thing, but they will be doing it for words that end in "es" and "ies". If they send them, I will plan on adding them to this post.

Thanks for the great idea, Mrs. Abbs and Mrs. Yoder!

(Click on an example to get the full view.)

Here is the later product created by a first grader to demonstrate when to add "es" to a plural noun:
add es



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