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Phonto is an application for the iPod Touch and the iPad that allows you to place text on top of a photo. I know have have blogged about a lot of applications that will perform the same task, but I the thing I like about this one is the inclusion of speech bubbles. Students can take a picture directly from the app which is always good because it keeps the rapid finger flicks of a first grader from filling up an iPod. They can then add a speech bubble or shape and place the text within it.

One drawback is that it does have advertisements. You will need to train your young students to not tap on them. You will also need to train them in case they do accidently tap on an advertisement to click on the homescreen button and go back into the application. Here is a Mr. Noble comic to help guide the discussion of advertisements. 

As far as the classroom application goes, this would provide students with a quick way to share their thoughts about a book or any of the content the teacher is covering. Here are some ideas that I have:

1. Take a picture of a character and share a thought he/she might have, ask an interview question for a character, or share character traits.

2. Choose a historical person and think of a question to ask or a famous quote that they have given. Make it a part of their writing project.

3. Write a vocabulary word and have the word share synonyms or antonyms for the word.

Here is a video that briefly shows how to use Phonto. I didn't make this one, but it does the job.


What are your ideas for an application like Phonto? Share them here!