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Me by Numbers - Skitch

"Me by Numbers" is an activity developed by Mrs. Yoder that she performed with her first grade students. In studying measurements and how they are a relevant to our everyday lives, she utilized the Skitch application on her class set of iPods as a means to produce a recording of the students' work. The students had a partner take a picture, and then they proceeded by finding their weight, date of birth, height, etc.

Skitch is a great app for both iOS and Android devices. It is a simple app that gives students an easy way to demonstrate their knowledge about any subject. Imagine how long it would have taken you as a teacher to take pictures of every kid, print them off, and have students hand write these tidbits of information about the subject?

I recall doing activities like this prior to going 1:1 when I taught fourth grade. I also recall thinking that it really didn't take that much time to gather all the pictures, print them, and get them passed out to the students. That is just the preparation of the materials alone and we are talking about a considerable amount of time spent on this project. Yet, did it anyway because I found the value in it and I was excited about the activity the students were going to complete.

Using Skitch eliminated almost the entire prep work that went into this lesson. Technology makes completing tasks faster than ever before.

(I used Skitch to blur out the faces in these images. I felt it was necessary due to the nature of information listed in these examples. Another handy use of the app that would have taken me longer to do with a PC.)

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