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LabelBox Examples

Labelbox is an app I posted about in the presentation tools section of the blog recently. The app is really easy to use as the students are able to quickly take a picture and place labels on them. Mrs. Yoder wondered how it could be used with their fractions study. Here are some examples of what her students were able to accomplish today:

labelbox 14 braden

lablebox 14

The students were to find a rectangular or square-shaped object, break it into fourths, and label each piece. We were specific in saying that the students had to use the red label maker for the purpose of cutting. They could then choose whichever kind of label they prefer for the labeling of pieces. When they were finished, they saved it to their camera roll, and saved it to Kidblog.

Overall, it went really well considering it was their very first time using the application. Keep in mind, these were first graders using an iPod touch. So many great things can be created using an iPod touch!


  1. Also, if you don't have can use the Camera on any device to take a photo and upload it to Doodle Buddy or similar and do the same thing! - For times when the app store/network goes down and you 'need' the new app this afternoon.


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