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Kwout is a free webtool that allows the user to capture the internet in pictures. All you need to do it drag the bookmarklet into your bookmarks bar, find part of the internet you want to share, and click on the bookmarklet. After you do that, you will be whisked away to a picture version of the site you are wanting to "kwout." There you can draw a box around the part you want and click "cut out." Now you have a snippet of the internet that you can keep or send away directly from the Kwout webtool.

How this applies to your classroom you ask? Have you ever found a part of a website that you wanted to share with your students, but you didn't necessarily want them to access the entire site? I think we've all had that happen. We find great examples and snippets of information that we want to share. However, taking them to the entire website can be somewhat cumbersome if it is loaded with information and you want them to scroll to find the specific point you want to share. With Kwout, you send the screenshot to them. This is great for my East Noble teachers because all students have an email address for the purpose of receiving materials from the instructor.

Check out my video if you want to know more specifically how to get the bookmarklet into your browser:


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