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JellyCam — Stop-motion maker - Tickly Pictures

JellyCam — Stop-motion maker - Tickly Pictures.

JellyCam is an easy-to-use stop-motion video maker for PC and Mac. If you are not certain what stop-motion is, think of claymation movies like Chicken Run or Wallace and Gromit. Even better yet, how many of you remember Gumby from a long time ago? (Warning: Watching the video may make you feel old.)

Stop motion is a lot of fun. By using JellyCam, students can access their webcam or if you have a P2V camera in your classroom, it may make the process even easier since the camera is a little more versatile.

The whole point of me bringing up stop-motion videos is that students could create reenactments of stories, historical events, or make up their own play to demonstrate their knowledge of a subject.

Here is an example of how to use JellyCam.