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Multi-Photo Voice Recorder - YouTube

Multi-Photo Voice Recorder is a quick and simple application to use on the iPod Touch or iPad. I picture this application working well with our early elementary students. The student can take a picture(s), record their voice, and email the recording.

Math example: If a student was working with manipulatives in mathematics, it would be near impossible for the teacher to check-in with every student without taking an enormous amount of class time. Couldn't the student take a picture of their work, record what they accomplished, and email it to their teacher?

Literacy Example(s): Students could take a picture of a book, and then make a recording of them reading a page or two of the text. They could also simply tell you what they read about that particular day. Have them create book recommendations using this app. How about sharing  difficult or new words?

For our teachers using Kidblog, these recordings could even take place by having the student save the recording to their camera roll and uploading it from the Kidblog application. 

I am excited about the opportunities that this app could provide for our early elementary students and teachers alike. Please feel free to share ways that you think this tool could be used in the comments section.


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