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[youtube=] is a website intended for students from fifth to eighth grade. It primarily focuses on two areas of American history. The American Revolution and the Civil War era.

What is exciting about this website is that it provides lessons plans/curriculum guides that will assist you in implementing the materials in your classroom. You are not left rooting through the materials to determine what comes next. With it completely laid out for you, implementation should go fairly smooth. I would recommend having a student or two try it out to see if it is something that would be of value to you.

The students participate in a role playing game of characters living during this time period. It gives the student the opportunity to see with their own eyes what the era was like and deepen their understanding of our history. Imagine how much easier it would be to read from the textbook or articles if they had a good amount of prior knowledge developed.

It is well worth your time. Students can create accounts on their own. They only have to create a username and password. No email addresses or other personal information is necessary. It is not available on the iPad.