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Measure Time and Length

Measure Time and Length is not a typical app I would spend a lot of time reviewing. (No offense to the developers.) I tend to focus more on applications that can meet a wide range of skills and cause the students to develop their creativity as well. However, with the pressures of standardized testing, this application could be necessary for all classrooms.

East Noble School Corporation recently underwent a "stress test" to check the ability of our network and devices to handle standardized testing. To make this test happen, a practice test took place. The practice test required use of virtual mathematics tools. This application supplies a similar tool that will allow students to become accustomed to using a virtual ruler vs. the cardboard eight inch ruler they used to supply on the paper and pencil version.

With that said, the app is simple and basic, and without a doubt will provide students with the familiarity of using virtual tools on an iPad for testing.

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