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Good Interactive Whiteboard Websites

As we are driving home from the MACUL conference in Detroit, I thought I would make the most of my time and talk about some of the things that I was able to absorb from some great people doing great things in the EdTech realm. In fact, there are a few great people in the van with me even as we speak. :) 


I sat in a session, T is for Tinkering, by Steve Dembo. He spent a little bit of time talking about finding innovated web-tools that you can use with your Brightlink Interactive Whiteboard. Some things you have to consider when looking at these types of web-tools are: 

  1. That you can run it without having to right-click on a mouse. It makes using it on a board tedious.
  2. That you do not have to type.

Here are a few examples:

Padlet - Padlet is virtual bulletin board where you can import weblinks, pictures, videos, and write text all over the board. Along with all those abilities comes in with the interactive whiteboard tools where you are able to actually circle and write directly on the board. You could make a whole presentation straight from this site so that you could see all the information collected from multiple websites all at once in an interactive form. 

Here is an example of what you can create with Padlet.


Another great site that I was already familiar with was Many of our teachers that have students using iPods or iPads are using this app. More for the awesome mind-mapping features it possess. However, I had never thought of using it with the interactive whiteboard. 

Here is the kicker with Popplet that I didn't think of, You can hand-write in the popples! This allows you to avoid making mind-maps that would require typing. 

The last web-tool that I am going to mention from this presentation is It is actually a full featured Photoshop tool that is completely free. You can edit and photoshop photos right before the kids eyes. Change color and impose other pictures on top of others. By imposing pictures on top of others, you could make a whole collage of photos. If you choose to not use it with your interactive board, it would at least be usable for your own photos straight from your laptop. 

In East Noble School Corporation, we have a few buildings that do not have the interactive boards. However, these schools could still use their tablet features on their laptops while plugged into a projector.

Let me know what cool web-tools you have tried with your interactive board. I'd love to get some suggestions!


  1. Lance, has a page of great interactive sites for subjects. I've used a few with my 1st grade music classes already in identifying instruments.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I always welcome any resources that others have found useful. Keep them coming. :)


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