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Freckle Juice and Puppet Pals

I recently visited Mrs. Abbs to work with a small group of first grade students to create a Puppet Pals presentation. If you have not used Puppet Pals before, try checking out these reviews on how it can be used. Here is the review about Puppet Pals. Here is one for Puppet Pals 2.

In this scenario, the students were reenacting their favorite part of Freckle Juice by Judy Blume. It took students roughly about 15 minutes to create the video and publish it on Kidblog. Mrs. Abbs had the students do a walk-through the book. They reviewed important parts, and the students picked which one they wanted use for their project. The students were able to quickly record their voice and move the characters around to best demonstrate the scene.

The students were extremely engaged as they using the application for a specific purpose. I believe that is the key to integrating technology. Applications like Puppet Pals holds great potential for all students, if it is used in a manner that is going to promote their educational process.

Thanks goes to Mrs. Abbs for including me in the project. What was most exciting for me? I had very little to do with the planning of the project. Not trying to seem lazy, but that means that she is naturally following the TPACK. Mrs. Abbs had the vision for how it could be used, shared it with me, and I helped her make it happen. Great work, Mrs. Abbs!

Notice she figured out how to change the background to show the change in time from one day to the next!