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5 Dimensions of Technology Integration by @InstTechTalk - TeacherCast Blog

5 Dimensions of Technology Integration by @InstTechTalk - TeacherCast Blog.

Zack and I frequently talk about how we would rather have teachers use a few excellent tools that are applicable across multiple subjects, and that they are easy to use. This is a better alternative to having tons of applications that repeat the same skills over and over. This article is right inline with that same thinking. The purpose of the article is to get you to think about how you select your tools. If you are an avid follower of my Pinterest, Twitter, or blog, be rest assured that I already go through these steps when looking for quality technology tools.

Here is my take on the article and how it applies to my East Noble teachers:

  1. Contemplate about what task the students are actually accomplishing with their devices. Is it low level thinking, or is it giving them the skills that is going to prepare them for the future?

  2. Learn the technology yourself. If you want, I will spend time showing you tools that you can possibly integrate. See how you can apply it to your daily life and your teaching. If you can see the benefit for yourself, you may start to see how it carries over to your students.

  3. Is it going to be worth your time? Technology integration is motivating when you find it to actually save you time in the long-run.  It may require an investment in the beginning. However, as time progresses and you make it a part of your regular routine, it will pay off.

Look over the article linked above the Word Cloud. Let Zack or myself know how we can assist you in your technology integration. We want to help!