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30 Hands - YouTube

30 Hands - YouTube.

  30 Hands is a very simple and easy presentation tool available on iPod and iPad. The user simply selects pictures or takes pictures directly from the application, and then records their voice over each picture. If you want students to get even more detailed, they could edit photos and annotate them with Skitch. This would allow them to essentially make their photos into presentation slides and record their voice telling about each slide.

The applications of 30 Hands is endless. Have students make their own digital story. Have them record about a learning opportunity that occurred in class. Students could take pictures of the books they are reading to tell about them or create book reviews. Basically, if you want your students to share information, this application gives them a quick and easy avenue for making that happen.

For our Kidblog users, the students can upload their 30 Hands slideshow directly to the blog. This provides a great opportunity to keep their digital work.

I also have an example that my son, who is three, created with me while we had school canceled due to snow. It was a lot of fun!

(Sorry he had a cold.)


  1. Love this one! I am a Speech Language Pathologist and work with a variety of children and will use this app a lot!! Thanks

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