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What is 21st Century Education?

Our world is changing at an extremely rapid pace. Everywhere you go you would be hard-pressed to not find someone with an iPhone in their hand. Six years ago the iPhone was still in development.

The posted video helps us as educators put into perspective how different our future will be based upon today's statistics. How do we prepare our students for this world? How do we keep the classroom relevant to the future market? These are questions we must consider as we attempt to meet the needs of our students. Certainly this affects how we integrate technology in the classroom.


  1. Lance,
    Would be a good resource for students to create a vocabulary website or do a book report? I am wanting students to create sometype of vocabulary journal . I tried onenote last year, but it became boring for students. I also thought about popplet, but wanted a quick way to view their work.


  2. Yes, Weebly would be a great place for a vocabulary website or book report. They can include text, pictures, and videos in their page.


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