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Mindomo is a lot like using Popplet. It is a mind mapping tool that also includes the features of a presentation tool. Students could use it for any subject. They can use it for presentations on any topic, or just merely use it to organize their thoughts.

I see two disadvantages of using Mindomo over Popplet:

  1. It does not import images from the camera roll. (As of the date of this post.)

  2. It is not quite as simple to use. (Although, it makes a "cleaner" product.)

I also see three major advantages: (This is comparing to Popplet's free version. The paid version will run close to five dollars.)

  1. You can save multiple mind maps on your device.

  2. You can use it as a presentation tool much like using Prezi.

  3. You can export your mind map as a picture or a pdf file.