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Like Adding a 2nd Teacher to the Class

Like Adding a 2nd Teacher to the Class. (Click the link to hear the interview.)

I recently had the opportunity to meet over Skype with Mr. Troy Stein. He is a product manager with Tech Smith. He wanted to do a quick interview about their product, Ask3. (I did a blog post about it here.)

This all came about due to a training for Camtasia/Snagit that took place in January at the East Noble High School. Teachers were learning about the software for the purpose of "flipping the classroom." While we were there, the presenter brought up the app. Since then, it has been downloaded on to all student accounts. (If it is not on your student iPads, it is at least on your accounts.)

I will be doing future interviews with Mr. Stein. He would like to also meet with some teachers that are using it. If you are curious about the application and its use, check with the fourth grade teachers over at South Side Elementary or one of your friendly peer coaches. :)