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ISTEP Stress Test

This week has been an interesting one. My schedule has been completely demolished as we have been preparing student devices for ISTEP. It is one of those necessary things that has to take place. A lot like visits to the dentist. You need to go, and usually you're glad you have it taken care of when it is all said and done.
The technology coaches, technology staff, and teachers all worked together to clean off malware, install updates, and install the testing application. In many classrooms, this took well over an hour or two to accomplish.
The number one priority for the future is that we keep the devices clean of useless downloads and that they are always updated. Laura Sibert (middle school technology peer coach) put together this presentation along with a few annotated screenshots from myself. Please review the information as these are the steps taken in order to successfully prepare the devices.

You can find the presentation linked here.