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Doodle Buddy, Bill Atkinson Photocard, and Kidblog...Oh My!

I recently posted about a video tutorial that I had made for Bill Atkinson Photocard. I love the products that this application produces. Sure the kids can make their own postcards, but once the students have the steps down in this application, they can create it at a much faster rate than ever before.

The image posted here is of Mrs. Yoder's blog. Students are merely using it as a digital portfolio. This process was extremely impressive as first graders used their iPods to send a thank you note to a guest reader in their class. (Based upon the image, I bet you can guess what book was read by Mrs. Leman.) The students first made their illustration inDoodle Buddy, saved the image to their camera roll, imporated it into Photocard, saved their project into their camera roll, and finally either uploaded it to Kidblog or emailed it. These first graders used three different applications to create this project. A set of tasks that would even have the majority of adults' heads spinning.

The one drawback that Mrs. Yoder mentioned was that it would have been helpful just to have an extra set of hands present to field any problems that arose. Unfortunately, I was not able to be present for the project. (Hence the need for the video.)

If you are an East Noble School Corporation teacher, and you just need an extra set of hands, let me know!