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Animoto - Education Video Slideshows

Animoto - Education Video Slideshows.

Animoto is a video creation tool so that you can input text, pictures, and videos to make quick and easy slideshows. If approved, which only took about 30 seconds for me, you will be given a six-month subscription so that your students can also have accounts. You can add up to 50 student accounts associated with your education account. This is great news because it is available for iPods, iPads, and laptop devices.


To get through the process of creating accounts for your students, it actually quite time consuming. You can find the specific details here. To give you a quick overview, because the teachers I work with have students that are under the age of 13, you have to work through a loophole using a gmail account. Gmail has this little trick that you can use your account, add a plus sign, and add a number for students to register and login using the application/website. All those accounts that are created are somehow linked to the one gmail account. So it would go something like this: I have done the same process before creating Edublog accounts for a teacher. Yes, it took forever!

If you want someone to help you with making accounts, ask Zack Linson. :)

All kidding aside, we are always willing to help you with this process if you believe that Animoto is a resource you would like to utilize.