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Teaching Objects

Free Technology for Teachers: Teaching Objects - A Lesson Planner That Integrates Google Drive.

Regardless if you are a Google Drive user or not, Teaching Objects provides a great location to organize your lesson plans and easily share them. Google Drive is just the icing on the cake. Any pictures, documents, or presentations you have stored away in your Google Drive are easily integrated into your lesson plans. You also have the ability to take Youtube videos and list them under your resources for your lessons.

If you are a Google Chrome user, it gets even better as it is an app available for Chrome.

I'm personally going to start using this for technology lesson plans to share with the East Noble School Corporation Staff. Let me know if you want a quick tutorial on how to navigate through the site. It is pretty simple and easy to use.

Click on the link above to see the review given by Richard Byrne from Free Technology for Teachers.